Lovehuetoo is an artist of love, positivity and lucid dreams who views subjects through rose tinted glasses and expresses their true beauty with vivid colors. Captivated by love, fine art and nature Lovehuetoo lets the imagination draw its own conclusions by blending true to life elements with dreamy allusions.

Lovehuetoo's story began in a humble, Southern town in Florida during a time of innocence, where the grass grew greener, the flowers grew wild, and the sun always shone bright. At leisure, time was spent as an oil painter wandering through nature, basking in Mother Earth's glory and drawing inspiration from her gracious gifts. With the passing of time, Lovehuetoo was led out of the natural world to study graphic art in a classroom environment.

With a warm heart and childlike spirit, Lovehuetoo pictures an imaginary place where dreamers never have to wake up.